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Between the tank’s double walls, cold water is circulated to maintain an ideal cool temperature for the yeast to ferment the juice into hard cider.

Stainless steel tanks are used for fermenting the apple juice into hard cider. The ideal fermenting temperature maintains the highest essence and flavors in the hard cider. After fermentation the cider is transferred to an empty stainless steel tank and allowed to age before bottling.
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Flex Tanks

aka, "the eggs"
After pressing the apples the juice is held in these Apollo Flex Tanks (aka, “eggs”) where it is immediately chilled and allowed to settle out solids overnight. The chilled and settled out juice is then pumped to fermentation tanks leaving behind the settled solids.
After the cider is fermented and slowly aged this bright tank is used to lightly carbonate the cider just before bottling. The light carbonation brings out the flavors and adds to the freshness of the drink.

Bright Tank brings out the flavors

Making a Premium Hard Cider. Solar panels provide energy to the barn and distillery.

Our process is one that takes into consideration achieving the highest quality cider.

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