Creating Award-Winning Ciders


We combine our estate grown cider apples to balance the sharp, sweet and dry bitter tastes creating complex and delicious award-winning ciders.

Kingston Black Blend

New for fall of 2019!!! You asked for it, you got it! A dry blended cider with over 65% Kingston Black apples, blended with russets and crabapples making this style a new favorite. This slightly carbonated blend is packed with flavor. The flavors play off each apple variety where the soft tannins in the Kingston Blacks take the lead.

Farmhouse Style

This cider blend is low in carbonation, residual sugar and is on the dryer side so you can focus on the different types of English bittersweets and crabapple varieties we grow. The clean flavor is characteristic of the early days of cider making.

Early Harvest

This cider’s wonderful fresh apple aroma is smooth, refreshing and pairs well with your favorite meal. Just a hint of sweetness, but bold in flavor with a surprising note of honey and apple blossom aroma making this blend from our estate grown apples a favorite of many. The sweetness counters the dryness and the carbonation adds to mouth feel.

Dry Summer Blend

We are very proud of our Dry Summer Blend, and from the comments of our customers who have tried it. This lightly carbonated semi-dry cider has a nice balance of tannin and acid from cider type apples, blending nicely with the low residual sugars making it a refreshingly semi-dry cider with no lingering sweet aftertaste. The blend of over a dozen types of our estate grown apples gives it body and mouth feel as attested by our customers. We hope you will agree.